Good day Mr. Bryant

            My name is Jasmine Williams from Golightly Career & Technical in Detroit, Michigan. We met last week Thursday, May 15th at the annual CRA Associations of Michigan Conference. I am the young lady that almost broke your hand when we met. I apologize for that but that’s the one thing my father always tells me “make sure that you shake hands firmly and maintain eye contact”. 

In the pass few days I have had time to reflect on your message. I have reached the conclusion that there are many things I should change in order to take a better approach to life. Just hearing you speak for that short moment, I began to live my life in a different manner overall. My complete outlook on life is more positive. I have already begun to see a change in my demeanor and myself as a student, friend, and child. I have always been the type of individual that looked at life very seriously yet I live everyday as a person who works toward my future as a successful being. That night when you spoke I learned to live life in the present instead of the pass or future because today is here.

I want to thank you for allowing me to hear what I needed to hear in order to change my path to one that can lead to a more successful future through the steps I make in the present. Everything you said that night needs to be heard by the minority, middle class, and less educated people of America.

Jasmine Williams, student


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