Jan06_358The following is an EMAIL note sent to my this morning and one of my dear friends, Professor Pekka Himanen of Finland. Pekka is a fellow Young Global Leader, author of more than a dozen books, one of the leading philosophers in the world, and a co-founder of Global Dignity. As you will quickly see, he also has a keen sense of humor (smile). For all that truly know me, …enjoy!

Note from Pekka begins here –

"I’m just a philosopher… ๐Ÿ™‚
But I just managed to get some confidential excerpts from the U.S. Congressional hearings on "The National Internet Infrastructure vs. John Hope Bryant". Not much information has been leaked out but it seems that the Committee got really tough on the inventors of the Internet. The Chairman, Mr. President himself, summed up his fury with the question: "But wasn’t this network originally designed to survive even a nuclear attack?" Put on defense, the only thing that the fathers of the Internet could stutter was: "Yes, Mr. President, but when we invented the email in the early 1970s no one could reasonably imagine that someone could LOVE email this much."

After this, John Hope Bryant was given an opportunity to speak in his own defense. Upon being called in front of the Committee, this is what he said, according to our sources: "Well, Mr. President, I think that love is work. So if you really love someone you actually do the work and send that email. It can be 3am in the night and you can be thinking ‘don’t you have anyone else to email you’ but if you really love them you get your sorry rear-end up, walk to your Blackberry, write that email and hit the Send button. That’s love. Love is work, non-love is laziness, and anti-love is an empty mailbox."
After presenting his argument in many convincing ways, he ended with this note, "Mr. President, you cannot call yourself an emailer unless you are prepared to email."
Everyone in the audience was moved by these remarks, with many of even the hardest Senators with tears in their eyes. :)"

Enough said.

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