Carterbeginsadat_2_3Today a story by the Los Angele sTimes online explores the Middle East goodwill tour by former President Jimmy Carter, and his (Carter’s) decision to talk not only with mainstream leaders but leaders of Hamas. Needless to say, this decision by former President Carter has caused quite an uproar with and in some quarters.

I put this question — of to talk with everyone or not to talk with everyone, whether we agree or not, whether we endorse or not — to some of my family, friends and close associates. The following is the insightful response I received in reply from my "brother-from-another-mother" Andrew "Bo" Young, III.

Editors note: Let me underscore and note here that this is the SON of civil rights icon Andrew Young, deserving of his own unqiue opinions and views. Bo Young is the CEO of Young Solutions, a very successful envelope manufacturing company and the co-chair of Operation HOPE’s South East Board of Directors.  Andrew Young, III said….

"Communication is the key to survival and prosperity in te world. I think creating a general climate of diplomacy is best for America and the world. We as a race…the human race must learn to communicate and find common ground without violence. When you alienate people is when they turn to violence as a means to an end. We must denounce violence as uncivilized and inhuman. We have to learn to accept each others differences and still live together in this small neighborhood we call Earth."

Andrew_bo_young_iii_and_john_hope_b Onward with HOPE

John Hope Bryant

P.S. It is also worth noting that civil rights icon Andrew Young, and my mentor, was the first African-American UN Ambassador for the United States under then President Jimmy Carter. He was asked to resign his post because he dared to open lines of communication with the Palestinians.

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