Non-Profit’s Partnership With Los Angeles City Council Results in 12,020 Calls in Twenty Days

Last week Operation HOPE, the organization I founded, and its HOPE Coalition America division in concert with the HOPE Banking Center Network, provided the public with an update on our Mortgage HOPE Crisis Hotline, a partnership with City of Los Angeles Council President Eric Garcetti. As the linked announcement details, the Mortgage HOPE Crisis Hotline has already logged more than 12,000 calls and one of the hard fought for loan restructuring and mitigation success stories is detailed in the announcement as well. 


Standing with me here in this photo includes our partners HSBC, who made a substantial $100,000 commitment to help us underwrite some of the initial cost of the hotline, and Wells Fargo, amongst others. Also with me and Garcetti here are HOPE board members including Tom Branch, a former top Union Bank of California executive, Ellis Stanley, just retired from the City of Los Angeles Emergency Management Department, Bill Walbrecher, president and COO of Operation HOPE, Fred D. Smith, director of HOPE Coalition America and Stacy Sanchez, senior vice president for HOPE Partners (not pictured).

Spread the word. If there is something in Los Angeles in need of assistance connected with this sub-prime mortgage crisis have them call our team at          877-582-HOPE       , or          877-592-4673       . Let me know the level of service they receive when they call!

Onward with HOPE

John Hope Bryant

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