Yd2h95952_2In 2008 and beyond black America needs a new set of life affirming values to accompany a new set of life affirming actions, and at the core of this revolution of outlook should be a laser-like focus on:

  • * Rebuilding our families and raising our children.
  • * Reconnecting with the life force that defines us – our spiritual dimension.
  • * Being obsessed with education.  For us education must be redefined as not just kindergarden through high school, but kindergarden through college.  Let’s face it, today your college degree is your new high school degree. And while you may not ultimately need a college degree to succeed, much like keeping at least $20.00 cash in your pocket as you venture out in the world, you really shouldn’t leave home without one.
  • * Understand free enterprise and capitalism. The only thing wrong with capitalism and money is that most of us don’t have enough of it.
  • * Vote and participate in the democratic system. What did you think Dr. King died for anyway?
  • * Do something. Everyday.

Onward and with HOPE,

John Hope Bryant

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