Los_angeles_to_chicago_013This evening I had the distinct honor of giving the keynote address for the 40th annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. dinner in Chicago, IL. before a capacity crowd of over 1,000 at the Chicago Hilton. This was a particularly special evening for me, as Dr. King is of course my all time hero.

Here I am photographed with one who particularly inspired me the young lady who took this picture with me — Ms. Anndriene Bell, a 10th grader from Chicago Vocational Career Academy. Ms. Bell told me she had followed my work for some time, and that it had inspired her to become an entrepreneur, and then to found her own non-profit to "give back." I tell Anndriene Bell’s story in my podcast, so check it out here on through iTunes. You can download the MP3 here:

Download bryant_speaks_for_mlk_40th_anniversa.m4a

A special thank you and recognition to Reverend Clyde H. Brooks, who is the founder of the dinner, more than 40 years ago, and is one who worked with Dr. King and my personal hero Andrew Young when they led the Chicago Campaign in 1966, living in a 4th story apartment on the westside of Chicago, IL.

I would also like to acknowledge this year’s honoree, Mr. Richard Mooney, chairman of Hayes Mechanical (I received this award in 2006, and it was very special), my friend Gregg Steinberg, who co-chaired the dinner with Terry AnCel, and one of the largest benefactors to the dinner, my friend John Burgess, managing director for International Profit Associates.

Onward with HOPE

John Hope Bryant

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