Sometimes you speak and you know that what you say is going to have impact; maybe because of your substance and message, and other times simply because you were before a group that really mattered.

Such was the case last week when I traveled to Geneva, Switzerland to speak before a group of Global Fellows aligned with the World Economic Forum, where I am honored to serve as one of the members of the Forum of Young Global Leaders. A special thank you to my friend Martina Gmur of the World Economic Forum, who encouraged me to do this. Glad I did.

You can download the full audio from the interactive "conversation" with these bright, brilliant young minds (and world leaders in the making) here… Download bryant_speaks_global_fellows_of_th.m4a. Note: the first 10 seconds of this Podcast is a little distorted. Do not get frustrated. It gets going after that (smile).

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Let me know what you think.

Onward with HOPE,

John Hope Bryant

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