Jhb_in_rwandaBelieve it was the great Gandhi that first said this, but as we move to wrap up a challenging yet rewarding year, and soon to face yet another, with all of its problems and challenges waiting for someone to convert them into opportunities — this quote has never had more meaning to me personally, than today. Hopefully, it will to us all.

There is so much untapped love and humanity in the world, just waiting for someone like you, a leader like you, to tap it.

Finally, vow as you commit to help yourself in 2008, vow as well to help someone else. You cannot possibly imagine how good that it will feel when you do. The greatest gift that you can give to yourself, is to "give" to others. 

This shot is of me and God’s children in beautiful Rwanda, Africa, but it could have been in any of the some odd 40 plus countries or so that I have visited in my travels. My travels have proven to me one thing — kids all want the same thing, hope made real in their lives.

What can you do…

Onward, with HOPE

John Hope Bryant

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