It feels like I am having a baby or something, but I am nonetheless thrilled to report that Operation HOPE and its youth "silver rights" movement initiative, Banking on Our Future, has this week surpassed the 250,000 youth educated mark for financial literacy education to and for low-wealth youth nationwide.

This is a big, big deal, as we are the only national urban delivery platform for financial literacy in urban, inner city communities nationwide. We serve black and Boston_to_los_angeles_044brown children equally, including Spanish speakers, as well as some under-served white communities across America (little known fact: there are more poor whites in America than poor anyone else). We have more than 3,000 HOPE Corps members engaged with teaching youth Banking on Our Future, operate in 30 urban cities across America, and most recently, three cities in South Africa. …and we have only just begun!

To become a HOPE Corps volunteer, log onto today!

Onward with HOPE

John Hope Bryant

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