Yd2h95952 LOS ANGELES – September 20, 2007—Operation HOPE (HOPE) Founder John Hope Bryant was featured on National Public Radio’s (NPR) widely popular “Morning Edition” program, offering solutions to the growing mortgage crisis that has gripped the nation.

Bristling at the suggestion that many subprime borrowers aren’t up to the challenge of owning and maintaining their homes, Bryant noted that since 1992, Operation HOPE has offered resource tools and seminars on financial literacy to low-income, underserved communities with impressive results.

In speaking with NPR’s Renee Montagne on Tuesday, September 18, John Bryant gave his perspective on the issue, while explaining HOPE’s role in helping people through these challenging times. Acknowledging that those who know little about variable rate mortgages, predatory lending, and money management are poised to suffer disproportionately, Bryant indicated that HOPE is focused on assisting subprime borrowers with the goal of stemming the growing tide of foreclosures sweeping the country.

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