Dsc01025Here a group of Young Global Leaders from around the world have an unstructured Q & A with the chief executive officer of one of the largest companies in the world, China Mobile, from China.

China Mobile, the CEO shared with us, hold on to your boots here — "has a market capitalization value of $270 BILLION dollars (U.S.), has 300,000 employees, 300 MILLION customers (there are approx 300 million  PEOPLE in the U.S. total, as an example), 5 million NEW CUSTOMERS PER MONTH, and processes more than 1 BILLION SMS messages DAILY! Can you believe this…?  Just to provide some context, China Mobile’s $270 billion market cap compares to say, the News Corporation, owner of the Fox Channel, News, etc, which impressively has a market cap of approximately $50 billion or so. So….China Mobile is almost six times as large, on the basis of market cap alone. China may be what I call an "economic democracy," but my response here remains the same — hello world, here comes China.

Onward with HOPE

John Hope Bryant

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