It was amazing, once again. My sweetie and I attended, along with 1,200 other member participants, more than 900 credentialed members of the media (up from 300 or so last year) and 245 commitments to make the world "better."

And this was a "crazy" week for me too, with me being "sling shot" from South Africa, through Brazil to NYC to make an important meeting with the acting USAID administrator, then register for CGI, the next morning head to Atlanta to receive an award, back to NYC the next morning for CGI, in between sessions, negotiating a new national partnership for financial literacy, making calls for the Harlem HOPE Center opening, to the closing session for CGI, and this evening a special CGI concert before returning to L.A. tomorrow. Whew.

All good though.

Onward with HOPE

John Hope Bryant

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