Img_0248This little girl, Abigail, has "got it." At 8 years old, she has figured out how to get through life, with a smile and the right perspective. I met her at a speech on Saturday, and in talking to her she told me, out of the blue…"my daddy died last year…" I asked her was she okay. She said "yes," and said no more, softly and gently with a smile, moving on to something else. later she said, "he died a painful death. He fell in the bathtub, and hit the soft spot of his head on a pin." I said, "how are you feeling about all of this," and she responded, "I am fine. I talk to him every day. We spoke yesterday. He said he loved me, and I told him I loved him back. He is always with me. I will be okay…"

If I could just get adults to figure out what she has, at 8. HOPE will help this little angel get through college, if that is her wish.

A little inspiration to fly by today…

Onward with HOPE…

Dear John,

You are truly special and we are kindred spirits. Mary McLeod Bethune was my idol as a child and was my inspiration throughout my life. As I read “Open Wide the Gate” a memoir written by Dr. Dorothy Height, I saw my idol pictured with Dorothy as a young woman where Dorothy was being mentored by Mary McLeod Bethune and as I recall, Mary introduced Dorothy into the Negro woman’s organization that met nationally on Pennsylvania Avenue. What an awesome legacy.

On behalf of the Jack London High School Community, I would like to thank you for your outstanding presentation at the 3rd Annual Peace Conference.  Every person received from you so much inspiration that will be remembered forever; especially, Abigail Flores. Abigail Flores, an eight years old treasure, whose life was forever transformed by your commitment to raise money for her college fund. I spoke with Abigail after you shared her story with me, and she is so very special. She expressed with exuberance that “I am going to college, I am going to college”, as if she is actually going to college now at this very moment. What joy she felt from you! Her story gets worst for while she lost her father, she almost lost her mother, and her mother continues to struggle with grief and depression. Abigail was at the Peace conference because of my custodian, Maria Murillo, who invited her family that included a sister who brought Abigail with them. Maria’s sister and Abigail live in Fresno, California, and Abigail spends a lot of time with my custodian’s sister, Blanco Diaz., who have small children and have almost adopted Abigail.

I called Abigail’ mother, Haydee Morales, this morning to verify that the address that Abigail gave me, was correct and she expressed how happy her daughter is about the words that you spoke into her life. This joy is healing no doubt to her mother in breaking some of the darkness that she has been experiencing.

Thank you so much for your presence, presentation, and promise in a historic event; the 3rd Annual Peace Conference held at Jack London High School. This effort was huge and so important that I hope you know how appreciative we are for your contributions and how important we think that you are.

I am excited about our future and I look forward to working with your organization, on the “Banking on Your Future” financial literacy curriculum , but I am also interested in working with you on other innovative projects. One project that I envision is to establish a series of comprehensive Peace High School’s that focus on Peace, Unity, and Financial Freedom.

Your commitment means everything. Again, thank you.

Angela Cleveland

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