John_and_yolanda_king_at_bankers__4Yolanda was a friend in hope, I simply wish I knew better. Yolanda was a sister in movement work, I had hoped to work with closer. Yolanda was an amazing creative talent in Hollywood, who used her gifts to heal and help others. Yolanda walked with me in South Central Los Angeles after the worst urban riots in U.S. history, helping me and us, help others, but now she walks with God in Heaven above.

Taken from us too quickly, Yolanda has indeed been "promoted," gone on to a better place than this. For she was a better person, than I and most of us.

Yolanda King looked at life and asked, "what can I give," and not "what can I get."

Sleep well sweet princess, Yolanda King. Sleep well.

With HOPE and profound sadness for what and whom the world has lost. With HOPE and profound joy and respect, for what and whom God has gained.

John Hope Bryant,

Founder, Operation HOPE


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