Shelleys_holiday_party_12906_030_1Sometimes a person comes along with not only the power, but the spirit and the will and the passion to make a difference in the lives of others. That person lives in the person of my friend Jonathan Weedman, pictured here to my right (attending the annual holiday party of our friend Shelley Freeman, regional president for Wells Fargo, Los Angeles).

Jonathan is a vice president with the Wells Fargo Foundation, but that description simply does not do him justice.   Jonathan has done so much for so many, including the Operation HOPE movement (over the past decade). The most amazing thing is the consistency of his attitude towards his work; never snobby or full of himself. Always a sense of service, to others and to humanity. Jonathan really believes in "doing well by doing good." He is supported by a company that believes the same.

That is precisely why today we at Operation HOPE will be honoring him with the CRA Leadership Award at the Federal Reserve Bank in Los Angeles. Bravo Jonathan, friend. You are continuing the legacy of your grandfather, the then Governor of California, in your own unique and distinct way.

Onward, with HOPE

John Hope Bryant

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