Hello Mr. Bryant,

I was one of the students who attended the Black Chamber dinner last night November 1st, 2006. I was extremely touched by your speech. Not only could I relate to you because you are black, young, and talented but because you kept it real. See, I go to UC Davis where I am one of about 600 black students in a population of 32,000. I don’t get to hear much of my fellow black entrepreneurs keeping it real like you did. I love how I can feel your passion when you speak. I know that not only are you trying desperately to get through to us, but that you truly believe in what you are saying to us and want to help your culture with all your heart. My favorite part of your speech last night was when you iterated the effect of paying it forward. Because I go to a predominantly white school the idea of paying it forward is so necessary that it you can see it in the dark. We, hear at UC Davis, work together quite well to only have a population of 600 but only about half actually get involved in our African America Union. I was also really excited when you said you would like to take your operation to Africa. So many times do we see in the media that white celebrities and other races go help our African families, which I am all for, but knowing that your goal (an African American male) is to get there and make a difference is much more rewarding than all of those who have gone already. Please let me know if I can be involved or of any help with your operation during the school year, holidays, summer time and every time. I am excited about you, and I thank God that you do what you do. I am only in my second year of college but I can do anything I put my mind to, no excuses.

Thank you again,

Dominique Waters

-Gospel Choir


Undergraduate Researcher: Geology

Women’s Rugby

LSC math tutor

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