Bryant_7_3While here I make a point at a conference on microcredit sponsored by the USC Marshall School of Business in May of this year, the real point being made around the world today is by the man sitting to my right, Mr. Muhammad Yunus, founder of the Grameen Bank of Bangladesh and today, the recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize!

Honored to be a friend and colleague of Mr. Yunus, and very, very proud of the incredible and pioneering work he founded in 1976, and today, the work that he continues to broaden and deepen, literally around the world. 

Mr. Yunus winning this prestigious will help to lift the work of countless others, including our own, around the world. Professor Yunus is the first banker to ever receive the Nobel Peace Prize (stands to reason – smile).

Proud of you friend. Proud….

Onward, with HOPE

John Hope Bryant

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