Sept_06_247_1Ladies and gentlemen, this man deserves some credit.

Let me get this straight — the former 42nd President of the United States of America leaves office and chooses not to golf every day, or tour the world as a paid advisor, or get rich sitting around writing books to right-size his legacy, or to become too self-satisfied …but to use his incredible critical thinking and convening power to help eradicate poverty, and to change the world.

And so, over the course of three days last week in New York City, I witnessed former President Clinton cobble together more than $7 billion in commitments, from more than 200 public, private and civil society donors, all dedicated to eradicating poverty, cleaning up the environment, and changing the world we live in.

During the course of the Clinton Global Initiative annual meeting last week, when I turned in for the evening (say 11pm or so), President Clinton was there, and when I showed up early the next morning for the opening session (say 8am or so), there was President Clinton in mid-speech. Amazing…. And my sweetie calls me the energizer bunny.

When President Clinton held his "announcements" press conference, I was standing there on the stage. And when Sir Richard Branson walked on stage and announced his $3 billion commitment to the environment, I almost passed out. I leaned over the told the President that "he might just do more and accomplish more post Presidency, as he did while President."

Friends, this man deserves some credit.

John Hope Bryant

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