Picture_106I don’t know what all the hand signs are for (smile), but the affection, love, respect and care I have for my executive assistant (i.e. "Flower Child" and "Profit of HOPE"), Wendy Profit, is genuine and pure. Here Wendy and I are messing up at my 40th birthday "Dance, Bounce, Skate" party on February 15th, 2006 (my actual birthday is February 6th), but it is reflective of the comfort and genuine respect and regard we have for each other throughout the work day and week.

Wendy, a fantastically talent singer and artist (her real personal passion), is literally the best executive assistant I have ever had; without exception. She is a profectionist and excellence driven professional, just like her bosses (Rachael Doff and myself), and she never settles. She also is gracious under pressure, thinks ahead, is super organized, seldom gets frazzled, and most of all — she multi-tasks! And in the Operation HOPE spirit, she recently also become a home owner.

Picture_119_1I could not be prouder of one Wendy Profit, and so honored to have her as part of my executive office team, and a very real part of the HOPE family, and the extended Bryant family as well.

Wendy, the crown (whatever that means to you) is yours. All you have to do is pick it up, and wear it… Because you are certainly a queen of HOPE!

Onward, with HOPE

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