Stacy_sanchez_headshot_1Although she just recently joined our senior management team at Operation HOPE,  Stacy Sanchez, our chief of relationship management, is already making a difference.

Passionate about helping young people, not only does she continue to volunteer her own personal time for various charitable organizations, recently she designed, created and produced more than 1,000 color, beautiful youth inspired Operation HOPE calendars for 2006! They were so well done, we have decided to make them the official calendar for the entire organization.

Stacy holds her Bachelors of Science in Human Services and is currently working on her MBA with an emphasis on Marketing and Communications at the University of LaVerne. 

Stacy has worked with inner city families for over 7 years and she is still involved as a volunteer staff advisor for the YMCA’s Youth and Government program, a leadership program that teaches high school students about California Legislature and Court.  She also serves as a volunteer director for a YMCA summer camp taking inner city youth to resident camp in Big Bear.
Stacy helps HOPE manage more than 250 private sector HOPE Partners, having more than $4.5 trillion in assets between them,
We are honored to have her as part of our team. 
Onward, with HOPE

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