Nov05_202Last night was beautiful.  It’s nice when your child, so to speak, grows up to be an adult or young adult you can be proud of. Well, that is exactly what happened last night as TNL (The New Leaders organization), the organization co-founded by Judge Kevin Ross and myself 10 years ago, celebrated its 10th anniversary in Los Angeles, California at the City Club.

Pictured here are but some of TNL’s best — my sweetie Mrs. Bryant, TNL president Rose Catherine Pinkney, co-founder Judge Kevin Ross and his beautiful wife Lore Ross (the real boss in the family – smile), former TNL president Antony Willoughby, Esq. and his lovely wife Denita.

I got a call 2 weeks ago from friend and long time TNL member Andrea Jackson, asking me to confirm my attendance for the celebration. Frankly, for a long time now I have not wanted to get in the way of TNL and its need to "become itself," and to lead itself, and so I have tried over the past few years to remain in the background; deep in the background.  And so, I was taken by a combination of personal pride and mission driven reservation in my response, or lack thereof. But then a week later, or less than a week ago, another call came, this time from my co-founder and dear friend (Judge) Kevin Ross and I knew I had to show up. I was in New York City for a United Nations conference and meeting of the Young Global Leaders but I would find a way to get back to Los Angeles in time for this important evening, and I did, or shall I say…and I am so very glad I did.

Rose Catherine Pinkney, Bill Yarbro and all the others have simply done a fantastic job keeping the organization alike, and thriving even. It is now our collective responsibility to re-engage and help take TNL to the next level. Not only because it deserves the time and attention, but because our community, in a post-Katrina America, now so desperately needs it.

Thank you TNL, for giving me a gift too – pride and joy,.

Onward, with HOPE

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