Operation HOPE Founder and CEO John Bryant featured on the Jeff Johnson Chronicles

Are sports and music your best bet to wealth? Maybe not. Watch as Jeff Johnson chronicles Operation HOPE’s John Bryant, and his rise from homelessness to HOPE. This exclusive is set to air on BET noon (ET/PT) Sunday, Nov. 27.

Those interested in viewing the program can link to here.

Watch it on BET, noon (ET/PT) Sunday, November 27

John Bryant: From Homeless to Hope
By Tracy L. Scott, Staff Writer 



Back Then:

Born and raised in South Central, Calif., Bryant tried his hand at acting, but ended up on the street. He later began his career in banking when
a friend of a friend offered him a job.

Claim to Fame:

Bryant is the founder of Operation HOPE, an organization
that helps financially empower the underprivileged and underserved.


Bryant runs more than nine Operation HOPE branches in more
than 10 cities nationwide. He launched the Operation Restore HOPE initiative to help Hurricane Katrina victims recover from the disaster.

Ten Things on Bryant’s Mind…

1. "Don’t cop an attitude. Change your attitude."
2. "Everyday, learn something new. Be obsessed with learning."
3. "Don’t expect life to be a rose garden."
4. "Own something … no leased cars on the lawn of your rented duplex."
5. "Entrepreneurs work 18 hours a day to keep from getting a job."
6. "Redefine success."
7. "Love is work."
8. "Decide what type of bird you want to be. Eagles don’t fly in packs. Buzzards are low altitude birds that love packs. Turkeys have wings and can’t fly."
9. "Invest in yourself."
10. "Watch how you live your life. It may be the only Bible that anyone else  reads."

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