Tune into French TF1 Program 7 to 8 (Sept á Huit) this Sunday, November 13 at *6:50 p.m. for a special feature on John Bryant and Operation HOPE

Bryant talks about the birth of Operation HOPE as a result of the Los Angeles civil unrest in 1992 and what struggles France must face going forward

Most recently Operation HOPE, Inc. responded to Hurricane Katrina in the affected states as the federal government’s lead agency – partner of the Department of Homeland Security/FEMA – for emergency economic volunteer response and recovery following a presidentially declared disaster.  Katrina showed the world the face of America’s poverty, as well as issues of class and poverty Americans continue to face.

“The last 12 days have simply underscored, for me, the message I was trying to deliver in my speech before the United Nations seven years ago in Lyon, France; that while the 20th century was substantially about issues of race and the color line all over the world, or what we here in America call civil rights; the 21st century, an economic era, will be about issues of class and poverty or what we here at Operation HOPE call ‘silver rights’,” says Bryant.

Watch on Sunday evening as TF1 takes a look at the uplifting message from HOPE Founder, Chairman and CEO John Bryant as he outlines a vision of what can be, in a post riot era of revitalization. A vision rooted in mutual respect, the dignity of all human beings, the empowerment of people and an entire community with a hand up, and not just a hand out approach.

*[Airs in France and Belgium at 6:50 p.m.]   

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