Thanksgiving, amongst other things, is a time to say I love you, I appreciate you, …and thank you, to all those who have meaning in your life, or who have helped you in any way. Many of us get so wrapped up into what we are doing, or our so called problems of the day, that we lose context around life and what’s really important. We suffer from an excess of seriousness…and sometimes those around us pay the price.  In other words, sometimes we are simply pains in the rear-end (smile). Myself included, I am sure. But Hurricane Katrina, and Rita, and Wilma, the earthquake in Pakistan, and the riots in Paris, France, remind us all that there is always someone doing worse, and that we have good reason to count our blessings; as select as we may "think" they are.

And then you have the suffering in Africa, around AIDS and basic survival, or the painful situation in Haiti, or our friends and neighbors in east Asia that are still reeling from the Tsunami; wherever you turn, there is someone managing real pain, and finding a way to smile anyway. I suggest we all find lessons in their message of true hope.

Whenever I hear my friends starting in on how "difficult" their lives are, while empathizing for sure, I encourage them to check out something I wrote not long ago, entitled "High Class Problems." You can check it out here

Wherever you are today, find someone you love, or simply turn to them…and make sure they know, today, how very much you appreciate the role they have played in your life. Even when things have not been all that pleasant, there was a lesson you were able to learn. Something good, came from something bad… Rainbows, after storms.

Well, make a great Thanksgiving…from me and the entire Bryant, Smith, Harris and Kennedy family. We love you. We do.

Onward, with HOPE

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