Img_8380_1_resize_3Operation HOPE and friends stood with our friendship and shero, Dr. Dorothy Height, chairwoman-emeritus of the National Council of Negro Women, as we presented her with a $60,000 check to help offset the costs associated with Hurricane Katrina in Mississippi. The funds, part of a larger $500,000 commitment from E Trade Financial towards a unique HOPE Fund designed to assist disaster victims and homeowners who were either under insured, had no insurance at all, or needed funds, up to $3,000 each, to assist in renting a new home or apartment, would go to help some of the 200 homeowners associated with Dr. Height in Mississippi, whose homes were wiped out in the disaster. We hope these funds will encourage others to match our commitment…

A special thanks to HOPE’s Lance Triggs (pictured), Jena Roscoe (pictured), Rachael Doff, Bill Hawkins, Fred Smith, Stacy Sanchez, Mary Hagerty, Sherry John, Mary Hagerty, Wendy Profit, Kyron Johnson and others on our team for their help in making this happen!

Onward, with HOPE

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