I get a lot of feedback on the Blog around my quotes of the day. Recently I received one comment asking where all of the people I quote people I actually know, etc. Well, let me answer that here. The power of the Blog is that more times than not you will get a response – and from me.

The quotes from come a wide range of life experiences, but the common denominator is me — they all come from or through my own life experience. And so, when you see a quote that is attributed a "Bryantism," that is one of my originals (and if I lifted from someone else years ago I can’t remember who now – ha, ha, ha).  Several quotes are from friends and advisors who have given me good advise, and when they do I try to attribute them by name.

And then you just have a lot of excellent quotes from notables, and non-notables alike, who are making things happen in the world I have simply paid attention to their wisdom and leadership.

Actually, it amazes me sometimes that I seem to not run out of good quality quotes, from good quality people. But that is the hope for the world — there are so many sources available to us to take inspiration from in our daily lives….if we would only pay attention to that. Take inspiration from that.

Onward, with HOPE

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