Aug_05_210Sometimes it helps to just disconnect for a little while. What is that saying, "charity starts at home?" You cannot give to others, if you have not first given a little bit to yourself first.

Well, this is just what my sweetie and I did recently, hanging out in a place we call our little but of paradise, our slice of Heaven, here on earth; Maui, Hawaii.

Aug_05_208Maui is amazing on so many different levels, and different from the rest of the Hawaiian Islands in the same breath. When you are there, even though it is part of the United States, you feel a world away. The air is different, the culture is different, the people are different…the place, is different.

No one hunks a horn unless they know you and are saying hello. No one is in that much of a hurry — it is an ISLAND for God’s sake — where are you going? People take time to speak with you, and are genuinely interested in having a conversation most of the time. Talking to you is not a pretext for what they can get from you, it is a sharing. I am convinced that Maui brings out the best in people. People, walking by you on the beach, speak, when you can imagine that same person or couple, say back in new York, doing the exact opposite on the street in lower Manhattan.

When you are in a place like Maui, it is obvious that nature is in charge, and not man…and then you realize something completely awe inspiring, and quieting….God, created nature, and you and me too. As I like to say every morning as I am getting myself together for the day, "God is good."

Onward, with HOPE

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