Dsc00014Karen A. Clark is a class act, and for the past few years she has loaned that magic smile and sense of personal ease, to build a bridge between Operation HOPE and our more than 250 private-sector HOPE Partners, 350 non-profit partners, 60 government partners, and more than 500 school partners from around the country. Well, Karen Clark has moved on to a new career challenge, with HOPE partner US Bank, and the Operation HOPE family recently held a reception in her honor at the City Club on Bunker Hill in Downtown Los Angeles to salute her good works, and to encourage her on in this new "change of seasons" in her professional life.

Dsc00037More than 75 partners, board members, HOPE employees and family members came out to salute Karen; commending her for all she did for HOPE, and more importantly, how she did it.

Karen not only cared about the job she did for the organization, she was passionate about the everyday people we reached out to, to help. I remember on more than one instance where she would interrupt her day at corporate to call one of the HOPE Centers to speak with a counselor or staff person, trying to get a sense of how a specific person was doing in one of our programs; someone that had come to her attention in the course of doing her job, and she wanted to make sure they got the HOPE we had promised. ….And because of her, they did. Class, substance and heart.

And one more, thing, …the girl can sing! No, let’s say "sang." And just like at each annual board retreat for Operation HOPE, on this evening she shared her incredible voice and talent with those assembled. Even when folks are trying to give to her, Karen finds a way to give back to them.

Dsc00154Bravo Karen A. Clark. We wish you all the best! Karen Clark will serve as a new member on our regional board of directors for Operation HOPE.

You can see more photos from Karen’s send off in the Operation HOPE Over the Years photo album.

Onward, with HOPE

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