Scan0001_16This memorable photo was taken sometime after former Vice President Al Gore, a friend to HOPE and me, left office and on the campus of UCLA, where he was the invited speaker. From the looks of it, and my recollection, I was "working" to explain my "Get It Done Party" politics, if you will. The former Vice President was working me over, so to speak, on a range of policy issues of passionate importance to him and to me. It was a good and positive exchange between friends, and this photo brought back good memories of it.

As I have often said, "it is not about (for me) the Democratic Party, nor the Republican Party, but the Get It Done Party." Let’s just "get it done" friends… There is a lot of work to do in America, and room for all of us to do it; a lot of it "together."

Onward, with HOPE 

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