Cimg0193_1Call me emotional if you want, but I still cannot fully put the experience of being in the Middle East for the first time, at the World Economic Forum at the Dead Sea, Jordan, into perspective, or words for that matter. 

People ask me — "well, what was it like," and unfortunately I really don’t much to say, beyond "wow…"

Well, slowly, now that I am back in the states it all is coming back into focus, and what a beautiful picture it has formed in my mind, body and spirit.

I will "tell the story," in my own way over the next week in the pages of these Blog postings, but suffice to say, visiting Jordan has changed me — for the better. Cimg0372_1

One thing I can say definitively is this — every American needs to go and experience the Middle East, or at least Jordan, for themselves. It is NOT the image you see on your nightly newscast, I am glad to be able to say.

Fact — 11% of all Americans have a passport and only 3% of all Americans have traveled internationally. This said, we are the only nation in the world where every race of people is within our borders. Something doesn’t match here.  Something to think about…

Onward, with HOPE,

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