Dsc_0072_3Every now and then you run across a couple of brothers (or "brotha’s" as we like to say in the black community) that truly get it. And secure in themselves as well…

Well, Kelvin Robinson, former chief of staff for D.C. Mayor Anthony Williams, and Robert Bobb, deputy mayor and city administrator for the District of Columbia, are Webster dictionary definitions for good people, and "good brothers" too.

No doubt, without the early leadership of one Kelvin Robinson, now running his own consulting firm in D.C., and most recently Robert Bobb (along with my friend Dana Bryson, his chief of staff), there would be no HOPE Center serving Anacostia and Washington, D.C. today. These two good (black) men "blocked, kicked, commissioned, coordinated, facilitated, fashioned, commanded, directed….and ultimately LEAD our way" — through the unique politics of local government in the District of Columbia over a 2-year period. To this, all I can say gentlemen is "thank you."

Dsc_0071On behalf of all of the residents of Anacostia and Washington, D.C. — THANK YOU!

Onward, with HOPE    

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