A select letter from a Morehouse College student in Atlanta, Georgia on "A Day of HOPE with Andrew Young"….

Dear Mr. Triggs,

First of all I wanted to thank you for a wonderful experience and introducing me to the outstanding ground breaking movement called Operation HOPE. The moment you began to introduce to me the background about Operation HOPE I was instantly turned on. I was literally hanging on to every word you were speaking about because what you were describing as you spoke of Operation HOPE was something I wanted to found and be involved with. The experience of the conference was completely empowering because it gave me the motivation to figure out away to aid this new movement.

In my discipline we always have discussed what the problem is in our country and the inequality found in it. Figuring out ways to analyze the problem and developing ways to describe the problem in a different way is something I am used to hearing about. However, my mother has taught me that speaking on what the problem is well and good but that won’t change anything but coming up with a solution will. Solutions are exactly what I saw in the conference on Tuesday. The exposure to this brand new movement and solution to the growing problem in our country was something that is priceless.

I am glad I was afforded this opportunity and will not let the effect it had on me dissipate with time. I want to thank you, the staff of Operation HOPE, and Mr. Bryant for the dynamic introduction I had to you all. Oh and Mr. Bryant was definitely someone I envy since he is living the goal I hope to achieve in the future (and of course he was just a great speaker).

I hope you could help me in trying to gain some summer employment this year at your DC location in the new center or the offices. I would love to be apart of the planning and implementation side of the organization because I love to put on programs. The time I spent on my campus and in high school I have always worked at putting on programs for my peers. I believe that I would be a wonderful asset in supporting Operation HOPE in this manner. I also like my mother mentioned a person who is very opinionated and persuasive. Friends of mine always talk about the many times that I spend thinking and developing theories and arguments about all kinds of topics. My skills with being very critical and being a sharp thinker could also support the promotion side of Operation HOPE as well. I have gone through a lot of different opportunities to gain experience in this side of employment and would love the opportunity to spend some time with Operation HOPE. This isn’t just some plea for summer employment but a request that you allow me the chance to get involved in something I have been longing for since my freshmen year. Give me some summer employment and I promise any location I find myself in will definitely report me being a valuable asset to their team. I work to make sure that anything I am involved in becomes better, and Operation HOPE being involved in something I am passionate about, extending an opportunity, I would become a definite force to be reckoned with. I would appreciate anyway that you can aid me in finding an summer employment opportunity in this area that I am completely consumed with.

Thank you for your time and your attention to this message that I hope conveyed the amount of passion I have for financial education. I look forward from receiving further correspondence from you in the future.

Student from Morehouse College

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