Mar_2005_154Every now and then you meet someone that is simply "a cut above" the rest. My friend, and God’s child, Mr. LeVar Burton, is one of those people.

A star, with a personal legacy the length of two lives, LeVar Burton has known stardom since he was a teenager — but you would never know it. Humble, calm, centered — and strong! That’s my man, LeVar. Oh, …and always giving back too!!

Most would know LeVar Burton from his Emmy Award winning role of Kunte Kinte, in the award-winning and history making miniseries, "Roots."  Or of course, from Star Trek, and countless other incredible performances as an actor.

But what you may "not" know, is how much he does for others… Such was the case for this trip to Washington, D.C. (and I don’t know who actually talked more between us, nor who had more fun "catching up," over the course of our recent five-hour flight to our nation’s capitol, but it was all good…).

You see, LeVar was in town, not for some glittery affair, or an awards show in his honor, or even a meeting with the President…but to donate close to a week of his time as a charity spokesman for the Children’s Miracle Network! 

That is the part of LeVar that very few people know about, …and he does not have a need to boast about. But I love, respect and admire my friends, and so I will say it for him — bravo LeVar Burton, bravo!!

In Star Trek: The Next Generation, LeVar Burton plays the blind Lieutenant Geordi LaForge. LeVar presently serves as host and series producer of "Reading Rainbow," the highly acclaimed Emmy Award-winning series on PBS, now in its 20th year. A 1990 recipient of a star on Hollywood’s legendary Walk of Fame, LeVar is also proud to be a member of the cast of "Captain Planet," an animated series designed to empower children to be environmentally responsible.

After applying for and winning a scholarship to USC, LeVar began working toward a degree in drama and fine arts. During his sophomore year he auditioned for his Emmy-winning role Kunte Kinte in the award-winning miniseries, "Roots."

Following "Roots," LeVar starred in a variety of television movies including the Emmy-nominated "Dummy," "One in a Million: The Ron LeFlore Story," "Grambling’s White Tiger," "The Guyana Tragedy: The Story of Jim Jones," "Battered," "Billy: Portrait of a Street Kid," "A Roots Christmas: Kunte Kinte’s Gift" and the miniseries "Liberty." Among his feature film credits are "Looking for Mr. Goodbar," "The Hunter" with Steve McQueen and "The Supernaturals."

LeVar has also directed several episodes of Star Trek: Voyager, dating back to the show’s first season. His Voyager duties includes starring and directing in the fifth season episode "Timeless."

In short — Mr. LeVar Burton is one BAD BROTHER!

Keep charging LeVar….and see you in Atlanta on April 12th (more on this later friends)!

Onward, with HOPE

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