Mar_2005_235This weekend my sweetie, my "brotha from anotha motha" Andrew "Bo" Young, III, his friend Melissa A. Tyson, D.V.M. and owner of Crown City Veterinary Medical Group, and the famed Antwone Fisher (you know…the ANTWONE FISHER STORY! Hello…!! Ha, ha, ha. I love doing that) hung out at the General Motors Ride and Drive Brunch, in Association with the 36th Annual NAACP Image Awards Weekend here in Los Angeles, California.

Mar_2005_230All good people, and all focused, in their own unique ways, on "doing well and doing good," and "doing well by doing good."

Sharp, smart (except for me of course — ha, ha, ha), secure (in themselves), focused, passionate, uncompromising, and ABOUT SOMETHING than just themselves.

God must be proud of what "some" of children are up to these days….

And then there is my main man "Bo" Young, the son and heir apparent to Ambassador Andrew Young.

"Bo," …a board member for the Drum Major Institute in New York City, which is chaired by his father, board member for the newly launched Operation HOPE Southeastern regional board, and president and CEO of his own company, Young Solutions, Inc., which manufactures ENVELOPES (now, isn’t that smart!! Not another restaurant — not hating on restaurant owners of course — or something else you can choose not to do — but something everyone needs, even Internet companies, …ENVELOPES. Brilliant)!

A young man with a passion for succeeding on his own merit in business, …but also building upon the best of and from his dad’s proud legacy — and legend — by giving back in every aspect of his life.

A servant leader — that is my brotha Andrew "Bo" Young.

Great people.

A heart of gold.

A visionary.

A fantastic speaker…and FUNNY (oh, my God, is he funnnnnnnnny!).

…and smart as anyone within 20 years of his age group. Know that.

Watch out world — and remember the name; Andrew Young, III.

He’s on the move!

Onward, with HOPE


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