Dsc09861Recently Jena Roscoe, senior vice president and chief of government relations for Operation HOPE,  and several HOPE regional board members, including Deborah Wright (carrying her precious new "little one" in her arms with much love I might add), President and Chief Executive Officer, Carver Federal Savings Bank and Bob Nash, Vice Chairman, Shorebank Corporation, attended the historic opening of the William Jefferson Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock, Arkansas. It was a magical time, and it is a beautiful library that every American should see for themselves. But here is the real reason I posted this particular story…

What we did not know at the time was that the work of Operation HOPE would be A PART of the actual library itself!

As John and Jena walked through the museum exhibit, on the top floor, we spent a moment looking at one of few life-size replicas of the Oval Office in the world.  And just opposite of the Oval Office exhibit is a section dedicated to “the future,” and the William Jefferson Clinton Presidential Foundation. And then, …there it was! 

Right there, in one of the four feature sections on the work of the foundation, entitled “economic empowerment,” we saw the formal memoralization of OHI's partnership with President Clinton around financial literacy in Harlem! Specifically, our Banking on Our Future, Harlem Program. The President also commended HOPE Partner Carver Federal Savings Bank in the same section (bravo Deborah C. Wright!). 

The next day I sent former President Clinton this note; “okay Mr. President, great event, opening and Library… Bravo!  And now, …back to work for us all, …and let's do much more together in 2005 to help Harlem.” 

And we will do more – much more.

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