Hello all.

Welcome to my newly minted international Weblog. I could not be more excited to share this with you… I will be updating and publishing articles here almost daily, for those interested. And I genuinely hope that you enjoy reading the various postings and weaving your way through this Weblog, nearly as much as I enjoyed putting it all together. I am sure you will let me know whether I hit the mark or not. The great thing about Weblog’s — is that you can talk back! Simply leave me a comment, anywhere you like, and I will read it.

Now, if it seems rather odd that I would launch my signature Weblog with an inaugural note focused on a prestigious university award I am to soon receive, …you would be 100% correct! That would be rather "odd." Bad taste too, I might add. Further, I would feel very uncomfortable even receiving an award from a major university at this point in my life, …if in fact there was not some greater good, some greater meaning and higher purpose, tied to it. 

You see, basically I don’t think you should get an award for simply "doing what you are supposed to do…"

You are suppose to be kind and loving and caring. You are suppose to smile, and be pleasant (even though there seems to be an entire community of individuals that have made an occupation out of being miserable, and trying to make you that way too…), and to take care of your responsibilities in life. You are supposed to take care of your family, …and to be of service to others. I was raised to believe that this is simply what you are suppose to do.

I believe that you don’t get any credit from God for doing any of these things. I believe, you only get credit from God…for helping other people. I guess I want a Spiritual Platinum Card, with no limit on it. Still trying to qualify for this one. Honored to wait.

And so, it is with this in mind that took a meeting with my friends Bill Wood and "the great" Lee Stein-Wood late last year, where they told me I had been nominated to receive the 2005 Crystal Heart Award from the USC School of Social Work, at their 85th Anniversary Gala.  Honored of course, but very hesitant (I am too young to be receiving awards anyway…!). Hesitant, until they told me of "the catch."

If I did this they said; if I accepted this award, they would create a John Bryant Scholarship in Urban Social Development, at the USC School of Social Work! Wow!!

A permanent Scholarship Fund, established and set aside to fund the dreams of deserving minority and low-wealth young adults, who qualify in every other way to be at USC — and who in fact deserve to be at USC – but simply cannot afford to attend. Wow, I said…. This is an opportunity to really make a difference in someone’s life. With any luck — a number of someone’s!!

And so, here we are friends. The event is Sunday, March 6th, 2005, at the Beverly Hills Hotel, and for my birthday wish…, I am asking you not to spend as much as one dollar to send me a Birthday Card, nor .37 cents to affix a stamp to a note. Rather, please, I am asking you,  — take that dollar, and hopefully a whole lot more if you able able, …and send in a donation to contribute to this new Scholarship Fund for deserving minority and low-wealth youth with a dream!! A dream we can help realize.

That would indeed make this day, my 39th birthday, …finally worth noting in some way. 

To make a gift to the John Bryant Scholarship Fund, or to purchase a ticket, table or tribute message, please contact Rachael Doff at, or call Rachael direct at 213 891 2918 for full information about the event. Usc_school_of_social_work_gala_invite_ba

ALL net proceeds will go to benefit the USC School of Social Work. An organization truly making a difference in our community, and in our world!

Thank you so very much for allowing me to share my birthday wish…with you!

Wishing you the most amazing year possible, for you and for yours.

Okay, let’s go…


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