JHB at Exotic Racing Talk about a playground for an adult.  Hanging out for half a day at the Exotic Racing location in Nevada, and driving three amazing automobiles on their Playground track should just about do it. And now that I have driven all three automobiles, all street models that you could purchase from the dealership, let me share what I thought of each. JHB and the Ferrari 458 The Ferrari 458 Italia My must begin by apologizing.  I should not have driven the 458 first, on a new track.  This car deserved more respect and consideration than this.  The reality is, the Ferrari 458 Italia was probably the car that could have taught me the most out of the three -- but it was also clear that I needed 'time' with this work of moving art. And for this reason, I nickname the Ferrari 458 the 'teacher, the mentor.' JHB in the Lamborghini Huracan' The Lamborghini Huracan' The second car I drove was the Lamborghini Huracan,' which struck me as both quicker, slower and less disciplined than the Ferrari 458.  Quicker, as it quickly wanted to get up and 'go,' and slower in the sense that there were times when I had my foot completely compressed on the drive cabin floor and didn't feel 'unsafe.' frankly, I would have tried that with the 458, even though the Huracan' is technically more powerful. Finally, I would describe the Huracan' as less 'disciplined.'  Meaning, the car broke free at the rear on a couple of occasions, and I had the general sense that I could not (ever) relax in a corner.  In a straight line, my sense is this car comes alive half way down an airport runway. But in corners, respectfully, it leaves you wanting for a Lotus. For all these reasons, I nickname the Lamborghini Huracan' the 'grumpy, successful 38 year old uncle.' He has success, but wants to 'show you just what he can do,' and he wants it all done before age 40. He wants it to be loud, visible and impressive.  And all of this, is more important than doing it the best, whatever that means to a person.  Very attractive and gets a lot of attention, but may not actually be a 'drivers' driving car.' JHB and the Porsche GT3 The Porsche 991 GT3 In short, this was without question my best drive of the day.  The Porsche 991 GT3 may not be the fastest car on the track, but it is the most nimble, the most 'put together,' the most holistic and well rounded.  It is the crown jewel of the Porsche experience, on a race track.  And it s lightening quick, at every aspect of the track.  It makes you feel comfortable.  I felt one -- with this car.  That's the best way I can describe driving the GT3.  Me and the car, were one, and within the first two laps. For these reasons, I nickname the Porsche GT3 'serenity at (top) speed.' A special thank you to my driving instructor for the day, and to the team at Exotic Racing, Las Vegas, for being so gracious and professional.  If you find yourself in Las Vegas, go do this! John Hope Bryant [flickr_set id="72157653774668054"]  

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