Freedman's Bank LA Event   The inspiring and instructive story of President Abraham Lincoln's Freedman's Bank, signed into law on March 3rd, 1865, or 150 years ago this year, will come to Los Angeles on Thursday, July 16th, 2015, at the California African-American Museum.  We are blessed and honored to have join us, the Reverend Dr. Cecil "Chip" Murray, Founder of the Cecil L. Murray Center for Community Engagement at USC, a living legend who played a central role in the stabilization and revitalization of South Central Los Angeles after the Rodney King Riots of 1992. What happened (and didn't happen) 150 years ago this year with the Freedman's Bank, is instructive with respect to what's happening today in Black and Brown, underserved communities across America today.  RSVP your attendance today to Kevin Boucher, Director of HOPE Global Forums. Let's go... John Hope Bryant

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