IMG_0615   The HOPE Inside model is coming to St. Louis, MO.  Specifically to Jennings and the Ferguson area, compliments of Regions Bank there, our partner in our first HOPE Inside, St. Louis.  The first location opened Monday of this week, and the community there embraced the vision, and the plan, with open arms.  Thank you St. Louis.  And here is the plan... The HOPE Inside model is a holistic model of individual economic confidence building, community re-investment, economic uplift, community empowerment, even responsible business development.  Every HOPE Inside office is "McDonald's" like, in the sense that each and every one is the same.  They all include the majority of the following:
  • They are a HUD approved mortgage counseling office.
  • They are an SBA outpost for entrepreneurship and small business mentoring and development.
  • They are an FDIC outpost for financial literacy.
  • They are a US Treasury Department and IRS outpost for the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), and soon, MyIRA.
  • They help homeowners to restructure subprime mortgages, from all lenders.  And no cost.  In fact, all services at HOPE Inside, are no cost.
  • They are a FEMA outpost for emergency financial disaster preparedness, response and recovery. Our HOPE Coalition America division.
  • They promote the creation of homeownership and small business development.
  • Many offices qualify for matching funds, from the U.S. EDA (Economic Development Administration).
  • We bundle public services.
  • We move everyone into our HOPE 700 Credit Score Communities initiative.
Our mission -- is to become the Starbucks of financial inclusion. To finish what President Abraham Lincoln had in mind with his Freedman's Bank of 1865.  What Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr and Ambassador Andrew Young had in mind with their Poor People's Campaign. Our mandate -- to rob financial predators of their 500 credit score customers, by moving credits scores to 700, community by community. Person, by person. Let's go.  Silver Rights, begins inside of you. John Hope Bryant  

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