Statement of Condolences for Shooting of Police Officers in Ferguson, MO.

March, 2015


Two wrongs, do not make a right. There are many, many things wrong in Ferguson, MO, but shooting police officers because we are frustrated with the 'system,' is just plain wrong.

Ferguson, MO, as I have said before, is personal to me. Ferguson is not a place on a map, or a lead story on television for me. It is a place less than 10 minutes from where my mother's family grew up and live today. Where my mother, Ms. Juanita Smith, once lived herself.  This entire things both saddens and sickens me.

Operation HOPE will soon be mobilized for action there, on the ground, this year.  Helping people to help themselves.  That said, what was done this week, with the shooting of these two police officers, is just plain wrong. And the officer in question here,  sworn to protect the citizens of Ferguson, MO, seemingly had no connection whatsoever to the events of 2014.  In any case, they did not deserve to be shot, in cold blood, by a coward, or cowards.  This is not how we do things.  This is not justice. This is just-us, which does not work.  

We would not, and do not accept one way justice from the system in Ferguson, and we likewise should not tolerate it from those in the community.  All of this, undermines the legitimacy of right minded people, desiring to protect and question, peacefully and with dignity for all.

My condolences go out to the family of these two police officers, and I wish them both a speedy recovery.  

John Hope Bryant


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