HOPE Inside, @ SunTrust Atlanta

Financial Management Counselor: Gayle Rice

"Hi, my name is April Love Bailey and I participated in the Credit Management and Debt Resolution Program, in Operation HOPE. 

My credit was really bad after a divorce and it was just something that I became aware of because in my marriage my husband controlled the finances. Not in a blaming situation, I should have been aware of what was going on, and I wasn’t. Then after the marriage fell apart I realized that it was a worse situation than I expected. I just had a lot of debt and a lot of bills that I couldn’t pay.  

I heard about Operation HOPE from a woman at my job at the time. She happened to come in and tell a group of us that she had come to one of Operation HOPE meetings and was sharing her story of success in rebuilding her credit and pushing her credit score, I think it was up over 700. One of my co-workers said, well how do I do that? So, I think three of us ended up coming to Operation HOPE with the same expectations really trying to improve ourselves and improve our situations. There were things that I was unaware of. Number 1, I didn’t realize that credit cards – it seems so simple, that credit cards help establish credit for you, I mean, using them. I think my life is different now because I am more informed and continuing to be more informed. 

Operation HOPE showed me that it is important to know not only your credit score, but where your rating is and kind of where your money goes. What’s coming in, what’s going out. Sometimes you don’t even realize how much you are spending on a certain thing until you look at your bills. Sometimes it can be shocking. 

I would recommend Operation HOPE for all that I’ve learned, all the way’s that it’s helped me and I know that it can help other people in very simple ways, steps that are easy to learn, and it’s worth it. Thank you Operation HOPE. I appreciate all that you’ve done for me. "

~April Love Bailey

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This makes me so very proud.

John Hope Bryant, Founder, Operation HOPE


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