You have more power than you thought you did.

In my bestselling book How The Poor Can Save Capitalism: Rebuilding the Path to the Middle Class, I am aiming to turn upside down some “truths” about the economy, jobs, where wealth comes from, and who stands to gain the most if we tap the armies of the ignored and “inconvenient” poor, the working poor and our struggling classes, who are presently left on the sidelines.

Frankly, if you are middle class today and making $50,000 or less, you may actually 'feel' poor; 'with too much month at the end of your money.' And the American middle-class certainly feel under-utilized and under-appreciated, in this reshaping of what comes next in our American success story. They don't feel 'consulted,' at all.

So yes, we have some big problems and challenges to address here in America, but despite what we might hear on the evening news, the United States remains the largest economy in the world, at approximately $16 trillion in annual gross domestic product. You can place major economies inside of our economy, and still have room.

Our best years are not behind us. We have enormous untapped human resources of wealth creation and opportunity just waiting to be unleashed. But we must believe this.

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Excerpt From: John Hope Bryant. “How the Poor Can Save Capitalism.” iBooks.

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John Hope Bryant is the Founder, Chairman and CEO of Operation HOPE and Bryant Group Companies, Inc. Magazine/CEO READ bestselling business author of LOVE LEADERSHIP: The New Way to Lead in a Fear-Based World (Jossey-Bass), and is the only 2010-2012 bestselling business author in America who is also African-American. Hisnewest bestselling book is HOW THE POOR CAN SAVE CAPITALISM(Berrett Koehler Publishing). Bryant is a Member of the U.S. President's Advisory Council on Financial Capability for Young Americans,and co-chair for Project 5117, which is a plan for the rebirth of underserved America.



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