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Representatives from Banco Popular, Operation HOPE and urban radio station Hot 97, who promoted “Get your Money Right” as part of Banco Popular’s financial literacy promotion after a school assembly.

Banco Popular partnered with the local urban radio station Hot 97 to promote a financial literacy program called “Get your Money Right”. This was a month long radio campaign where the morning show celebrity DJ’s encouraged listeners (focusing on teenagers) to go online and tell them WHY THEY should come to their school and teach a school assembly how to “Get Your Money Right”. Based on the hundreds of responses we selected 3 schools - one in the Lower East Side, one in Harlem and one in Brooklyn. We had an hour long Financial Literacy Assembly with the hundreds of students – hosted by the Celebrity DJ’s – Cipha Sounds and Rosenberg.  They were taught basic financial literacy terms such as what is a bank? What is a budget? Etc. The students were then challenged to answer trivia questions. They even had a RAP or Spoken Word battle using the new financial terms – all to win fun prizes.

Banco Popular has been working with the youth through many different organizations such as Junior Achievement, Operation HOPE and Save Latin Americas, Inc among others. We wanted to try something different and these urban youth are so often overlooked so we went outside of the box to see how we can encourage Financial Literacy from the student up, versus administration down. Alongside Banco Popular was Operation HOPE at each assembly. We expressed to the students that in 2012 we want to come back with Operation HOPE and launch a formal ongoing financial literacy program to provide sustainability. 

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