Fear                             Love

1. Exclusion                         Inclusion

2. Entitlement                      Opportunity to succeed or fail based on own steam

3. Rights                              Accountability, responsibility, ownership

4. Repression                      Empowerment

5. Secular                            Spirituality

6. Cynical                            Skeptical

7. Materialism                     Wealth

8. Pragmatism                     Idealism

9. Me                                   We

10. Closed fist                     An open hand

11. Taking bigger share      Creating a better world

12. Status Quo                      Growth

13. Laziness                          Doing the work

14. Taking                             Service 

15. Sympathy                        Empathy

16. Falling into fear               Lifting by faith

17. Control=insecurity          Vulnerability=strength

18. Right & wrong                Good & bad

19. Power by coercion          Inspiring change

20. Masculine                       Balance

21. Anger                             Forgiveness & healing

22. What you're against       What you are for

23. Unfulfilled                     Comfortable in one's own skin

24. Wanting credit              Giving dignity

25. Disillusioned                A vision for the future


This is the original list of Love Leadership Laws, as drafted "on the fly" during the 2008 annual conference of the Forum of Young Global Leaders in China.  This later led, inspired by YGLs such as Shai Agassi and Zainab Salbi, to me publishing LOVE LEADERSHIP: The New Way to Lead in a Fear-Based World with my publisher, Jossey-Bass.



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