On the early morning of December 2nd, 2005, I was honored to honor a request from my friend, Dr. Ralph Dawson, and Irv Miller, a national board member for Operation HOPE, a friend and an executive with Toyota USA, to speak before the Annual Opportunity Investment Corporation (OIC) Los Angeles Leadership Breakfast. I did this not only because my friends asked me to, nor because I try to donate my time whenever I can to speak before leading community organizations, non-profits and faith-based institutions, but because of my deep respect for the late Dr. Leon Sullivan. Reverend Dr. Sullivan founded OIC, is widely considered to be "the Martin Luther King, Jr of Africa," and because he was a mentor and a friend. The man who took me, to Africa. Well, here it is in MP3 format;

Download bryant_speaking_before_the_oic_annua.mp3

Onward, with HOPE

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