Dec05_007_1It is nice to work with people you care for, even love.

Whenever I travel to Washington, D.C., which is on average every couple of weeks, two people always give me their absolute all; my driver and "protector" (whether I want protection or not) Chaudry Munir (or as Jena has been known to call him accidently in the past --- "Chodree Manure" -- amile), and my chief of government relations and senior vice president for Operation HOPE, Jena Roscoe. Both, pure class -- both full of love of and for HOPE. Thank you, both.

P.S. Chaudry was once a member of Parliament in Pakistan, and now owns a prominent car service in our nation's capital, and Jena Roscoe, in addition to running our D.C. office and national government relations, and being my play sister, is a former Clinton Administration staffer at the White House during his second term. Brilliant and amazing, both of them.

Honored to be associated.

Onward, with HOPE

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