Lillian_k_triggsSometimes life doesn't seem to make human beings.

Sometimes, when the "best of us" seem to be "taken from us," we sometimes stop and question God. We ask, "...why did you take THIS one...?" Understandable, because we love the ones we love...

But in the depth of our hearts we also know that our God is not a punitive God. He doesn't make bad things happen, nor "take" our loved ones from us, ...but rather, when we are lucky, it is simply the natural ebb and flow of the universe, ...and life itself. Just as new born's come into this world, if we have lived our lives right, ...mature Angels, get "promoted."

But when the unthinkable happens to us, in our own personal lives, we are still tempted to ask the question -- why? This question would have been ideal for one Lilliane K. Morgan-Triggs, mother to my dear friend and Operation HOPE executive vice president, Lance Triggs. After all, she was an Angel on earth, ...and he had just "lost" his loving father and role model just short years before.

But no, ...this was not to be.

Lance Triggs, who has a personal relationship with his God, knew that the pain he was to feel, while intense as any bond between a loving mother, and a loving son, ...was personal. Lovingly...selfish. Lance Triggs KNEW something very special, and oh so very important, in the "passing" of his dear mother. Father too... He knew they had been "promoted." In a better place. To the right of the Father. ...In a better place. No more bills, no more drama, more pain. Joy, forever.

Well, I say something else -- the great and loving Lilliane Triggs, who I also referred to as "mom," is still with us. She -- and her amazing spirit -- can be seen every day, in the loving, excellence driven yet sensitive spirit of one Mr. Lance Triggs.Mar_2005_019_1 God is good...

But Lilliane Triggs was not just a "nice person," for she made a real contribution in this world, on several levels...

Lilliane Triggs was born to Cressie Russell-Duvall and Cecil R. Morgan in Fort Scott, Kansas on June 19th, 1927. She spent her first 8 years in Kansas and moved to Los Angeles in 1938, with her mother and brother Jack Morgan, to join her grandmother Arminta Russell-Smith. Lilliane attended Jefferson High School and UCLA. She received her nursing degree at the Los Angeles County School of Nursing in 1951. Her singing voice earned her a scholarship to UCLA from Hamilton United Methodist Church. This was an achievement because family funds were not available at that time to pay for her college education. Maybe this is where Lance got his ongoing passion for "all things music..."

During her nursing career she worked in various departments and acted as Head Nurse when racial limitations were alive and well. The crown jewel in her nursing career was when she was asked to become a ground breaking partner in the establishing of Martin L. King/Drew Hospital in 1971! Lilliane's specialty was Neonatal Nursing and she brought that knowledge along with her to King/Drew Hospital.  Along with her nursing team, they established the Neonatal Unit in 1972. Lilliane worked for L.A. County for 48 years, retiring in 1996.

In 1952, Lilliane met her future husband Lee Triggs. They were to be married in 1959, and in 1962 they welcomed their son, Lance William. This union lasted until 1994 when her husband, Lee Triggs, preceded her in death. As a couple they enjoyed life and were fun loving and caring. They were blessed to touch many lives along the way. Lilliane was blessed to have had the love of many but especially the love of her husband, son Lance and stepson Lee Triggs, Jr.

The Los Angeles Music Theatre, the long Beach Jazz Festival, the Cerritos Performing Arts Theatre and friends were her joy. All who knew her will remember that she lived her life with zest and kindness to all who crossed her path.

Lilliane is survived by her son Lance, daughter in law Deborah, blended family Lee Jr., grandchildren Lee Lee, Scott, Ryan, Todd Triggs, Evanne and Whitney Robinson, sister Joanne Fosha, brother in law Cary Fosha, brother Manual Duvall, nephews Michael Morgan, Bobby Fosha and Khayann Duvall, nieces Algy Giles-Mason, Ruthelle Newman, Rita Giles-Hambrick, surviving first cousins Russell Copeland, Shirley Hutt, Harold D. Russell, Raymond Townsend, Ramona Wimberly-Lang in addition to many friends and relatives.

Lilliane is to be remembered with Laughter, not Tears, ...but with the Celebration of Life is was defined by!

Yes, Lilliane K. Morgan-Triggs was promoted. God could not get much better...

Onward, with HOPE

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