Johnhollywood In May of 2004, I was shaken by the news that my dear friend, Kevin "Hollywood" Holsome, had been involved in a serious accident while on duty for the California Highway Patrol. Hollywood, a motor officer for the California Highway Patrol and a fellow Indian rider, loss one his legs to an amputation on that day.  But Hollywood's never ending positive spirit quickly reminded us all that he loss his leg, but not his life...

Hollywood was hit by a less than aware driver while on duty for the CHP. He lost his leg, but not his life, and certainly not his LIGHT, nor his will to live. And I mean – truly live. Remaining positive and upbeat from the moment this tragedy rocked his life, always seeing the brighter side, God has continued to bless his recovery.

Months following this horrible accident, Hollywood still refused to change his outgoing cell phone message, which said basically, “...if I don’t pick up it because I am on the bike somewhere, etc, ...leave a message --.” He loves motorcycles, and had vowed to not only ride again, but to become the first CHP motor officer in the history of the department to ride with a prosthesis!  I know, I know, “yeah right” -- is what is going through your head right now…. My thoughts exactly (at least these WERE my thoughts...).

Well, you may think of this whole thing as a bit nuts, but you simply don’t know Hollywood. A little more than 4 months after this life changing accident, I get this call, “...hey John, want to ride?” Well my friends, my sweetie and I rode out on Indian Chief to Palm Springs to an annual bike show with 20,000 other bikers, accompanied by the Indian “crew,” Johnsheilahollywoodfressy_1 and the one and only Kevin “Hollywood” Holsome, riding HIS Indian too!!. No alternations (to the bike I mean) made!

Amazing, and a great and inspiring role model for us all.

Hollywood seems to be saying to us all, without saying even a word, never, ever, ever, let adversity keep you from living your dreams, nor your life. Never.

Thank you Hollywood, for just being YOU! You are an inspiration friend, and I love you. We love you my brother.

Onward with HOPE.

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