Jb_profile_photo_2002 Author Deepak Chopra, author of "The 7 Spiritual Laws of Success," has said "we are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience..." I believe this 100%. And I have given well over 2,000 speeches over the past 20 years, promoting, encouraging, educating and hopefully inspiring the "spirit" of people -- in business, in community, in faith and the government - to do more and to be better (Download jb_front.pdf). To be a leader in their lives (Download jb_back.pdf).

From a public speaking perspective, 2005 is destined to be my busiest year ever. Keep you posted as we go.... Check back from time to time. I will post copies of some of my speeches here in this area. Soon you also be able to purchase copies of my books, pamphlets, audio, video and DVD presentations, if you are interested.

Finally, I will try to keep you updated on the most significant public projects and initiatives I I have decided to undetake over the course of the year. One of those initiatives, which I proudly undertake every year for the organization I founded, Operation HOPE, is Banking on our Future Across America. Okay, see you soon! Volunteer your time, talent and energy on one of my special initiatives designed to make the world a better place if you can!! You can volunteer by email Rachael Doff here.

Okay, ...let's go!


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