Bestselling author and entrepreneur John Hope Bryant outlines the mindset and practices that will allow us to achieve the American Dream, no matter what our current circumstances are.

Up From Nothing

Facing a challenging economy, too many Americans despair of improving their lives. But John Hope Bryant insists that America is still the Land of Opportunity. Up from Nothing revives the forgotten story of the American Dream. It’s about our beginnings as a nation of go-getters who believed they were winners before they won.

Using the inspiring story of his own rise from humble beginnings, and that of his parents and grandparents, Bryant shows how individually we can change our mindset from survivor to thriver to winner and move beyond just getting by or being financially independent to becoming wildly successful. Collectively, we need to become a nation of winners once again.

By ensuring that every stakeholder in America has access to the Five Pillars of Success–massive education, financial literacy, strong family structure, self-esteem, and supportive role models–Bryant shows how we can fulfill the promise of America’s greatness. But to do so, we must turn away from distractions–such as political in-fighting or racial and class divisions–and focus on what we can control. This is not a book of tips on how to get a better job or make more money. It’s about adopting a new way of thinking that will do all that for us and more. Up from Nothing is the new (old) business plan to keep us winning as a country. 

Editorial Reviews

“In this time of change and uncertainty, John Hope Bryant’s fundamental optimism and clear vision are necessary and inspiring.  He challenges us to renew our commitment to the American Dream and create inclusive-opportunity for all Americans.  John’s voice is essential to our national dialogue on how we build the future.“
—Dan Schulman, President & CEO, PayPal 

Up From Nothing” explains how to really level the playing field – ensuring everyone can attain their 5 Pillars of Success – with critical tools like education, financial literacy and access to role models. In this book, John Hope Bryant shares how your perspective and passion can help determine your potential in life and demonstrates the power within each of us to influence and control our own reality.”
—Roger Goodell, Commissioner, National Football League

“John Hope Bryant brings the lofty ideals  of the American dream within the reach of those who have been left out, looked over and locked out of its acquisition. His latest literary deposit,  UP FROM NOTHING – The Untold Story of How We All Succeed, will inspire you, but greater still, it will impart to you the tools necessary to greatly enhance  your impact!”
—Bishop T. D. Jakes, C.E.O., TDJ Enterprises, LLP, New York Times best-selling Author

“Sometimes it can be hard to really understand the plight of others when your personal experiences have been vastly different.  It is difficult to know what is unseen.  John Hope Bryant has lived many different lives, and is successful in a diverse number of social and economic circles, which he shares in “Up From Nothing.  This book will help to widen perspectives, and narrow the differences between us.  John is amazing and so inspiring, and the book is both well-timed and relevant.”
—Susie Buffett, Chair, Sherwood Foundation

“John Hope Bryant’s personal journey and professional accomplishments are an inspiration for me and many others.  And the lessons that can be drawn from his experience have significant implications for all of us as leaders.  In particular, his focus on the importance of mindset—the power of believing in oneself and having faith in those around you—is a critical insight for all of us.  He helps us remember to see the best in ourselves and others and to convey that confidence to them.  When we do this, we can unlock an enormous amount of potential in people and collectively achieve goals that no one ever thought possible.” 
—Timothy Welsh, Vice Chair, Consumer and Business Banking, U.S. Bancorp

“John Bryant reminds us that the American Dream wasn’t meant for some of us, but for all of us. Nobody has worked harder to lift the horizons for those without hope.”
—Quincy Jones

Up From Nothing” is essential reading about a once-in-a-generation reset. The creation of an equitable and sustainable future requires strong communities and shared accountability. This all starts at the local level where neighbors, local businesses, and meaningful connections have the power to create a rising tide that lifts all boats.” 
—Sarah Friar, OBE, CEO Nextdoor Inc., Member of the Board of Directors for Walmart and Slack 

“Reading this book was both informative and transformative. Whether we come from the hollers of Appalachia or the inner cities of LA, each of us battle the same obstacles and search for the same answers. The five foundational pillars Bryant identifies to ensure a level playing field of opportunity for all are brought to life through his biographical journey that teaches the reader through applied experience, while inspiring you with possibility and the desire to implement change immediately. Simply amazing!”
—Brad D. Smith, Executive Chairman, Intuit 

“John Bryant is both a force of nature and a force of good for this country. John has committed himself to helping those communities that have had less access to the American Dream.  He works tirelessly to improve financial literacy, and his consistent efforts on economic empowerment, improved education for minority children and access to attractively priced capital are admirable.  Unfortunately, the world will not get better or more fair overnight, but it will get better over time if all of us take a moment to listen more carefully to many of John’s recurring observations. John Bryant’s goal is to push our country to acknowledge obvious inequalities and take the required steps to address them.  It may not be easy, but it will be worthwhile—so I share John’s goal and so respect his passion for making the world a better place.”
—Tony Ressler, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman, Ares Management Corp., Owner, Atlanta Hawks

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